Re: Win32 - invalid cast GdkPixmap to GdkWindow in gdk_event_translate

2011/5/18 Ryan Krumins <ryan krumins gmail com>:
> Thanks, plain text from now on.
> Upgrading to a newer version of Gtk would be the preferable option
> from a development standpoint, but unfortunatly doesn't hold true from
> a business perspective.

That might be the case, but I think you'll find it difficult to find
support on this list for such an ancient version. Especially since the
main development focus has now shifted towards Gtk3.

> I have tried the following pre-compiled Gtk binares and noted the
> following issues:
> 2.16 - Can't multi-select in tree view without tree-items
> expanding/collapsing by themselves
> 2.18 - Doesn't paint properly with wimp theme
> 2.20 - Tree view isnt reorderable
> I had some other issues with 2.22 and 2.24 but neglected to take notes.
> Ultimatly, we will need to upgrade the Gtk version we use but for now
> there is still weight on trying to fix 2.4.

Well, I'm wondering how much business sense it makes to stay at an old
2.4 version and having to weed out all the bugs yourself, thereby
missing out on all the bugfixes and improvements of versions 2.6-2.24.
For instance, the client-side windows branch is a huge improvement in
graphics quality when rescaling complicated windows, containing e.g. a
lot of spinbuttons.

If you choose to change to 2.24 and encounter any bugs, I think you'll
get enough support from the list and on bugzilla. So even if you're
just trading 2.4 bugs for 2.24 bugs, it seems like the better choice.
And if any patches come out of it, they are more likely to be accepted
upstream than patches against 2.4.

> I should have also added that the issue we see manifests in a widget
> not repainting by itself nor responding to UI, yet still responding to
> gtk calls to repaint, press, etc.
> As a side note, I could run newer windows builds through the
> application I work with as a part of QA if that would be helpful.

And now for a constructive comment (I don't want to just be negative
about the approach you've chosen)
If you find that certain bug that is in 2.4 is solved in a newer
version, you can do a git bisect to find the commit that resolved the
bug. You can then backport that patch to your 2.4 tree and have the
bug fixed without any new bugs from the newer version.


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