Re: Compiling a GTK application on windows

Hi Chris,

> If you are using raw GTK+ then the easiest way
> to do this is to post event callbacks using g_idle_add(), because the
> glib main loop is thread safe.  If you are using gtkmm, you can use
> Glib::Dispatcher for the same purpose (or a thread-safe C++ wrapper for
> idle sources, of which there are some available such as in
> c++-gtk-utils, but they are relatively easy to write yourself).

Glib::signal_idle().connect() is not thread safe? So I should use

> However note that libsigc++, which gtkmm uses, is not thread safe, so
> the best rule is only to call libsigc++ methods in the main GUI
> thread.  boost of course has a thread-safe signal/slot implementation
> (boost::signal2) so if you use that you can restrict the use of
> libsigc++ to the GTK+ thread only, provided you are careful about the
> use of sigc::trackable.

Even if I only use libsigc++ in the main thread, shall I still use

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