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I have two framebuffers in memory, one is for X windowing, and the other belongs to a separate windowing manager. I have hardware that can take two buffers and overlay them, one on top of the other. I wrote an application that runs on X/GTK that controls the piece of hardware that does the buffer overlays. It overlays the other framebuffer (non-X frame data) onto the screen where the GTK application tells it to. This allows us to see both screens, one is inside an application in another manager and the hardware does it so it it pretty quick. When my GTK application moves, it needs to tell the hardware to move that framebuffer overlay on the screen. However, when I register for the configure-event, you only get these events when the wondow has finished being reconfigured, I need something that would let me know when the window has started moving, any idea?

2011/7/20 Erick Pérez <erick red gmail com>
> I have X and GTK running on the device as well.
You mean you don't have any window manager at all ?

> I am  writing an application for GTK that tells the hardware to take a frame
> buffer from memory and display it at the coordinates of the application.
> However, I need to know when that buffer moves, so I can update the
> hardware.
Try with this signal:
your problem could be cause "configure-event" call it's handlers at
the last stage of emission:
"G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST     Invoke the object method handler in the third
emission stage."

> I was also wondering if their would be a way to mmap that memory
> into a raw pixel canvas on GTK, any suggestions?
About this can't assure you anything but you should check cairo API
for a method like the one you want.

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