Re: Re:Detect window move

> I have X and GTK running on the device as well.
You mean you don't have any window manager at all ?

> I am  writing an application for GTK that tells the hardware to take a frame
> buffer from memory and display it at the coordinates of the application.
> However, I need to know when that buffer moves, so I can update the
> hardware.
Try with this signal:
your problem could be cause "configure-event" call it's handlers at
the last stage of emission:
"G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST     Invoke the object method handler in the third
emission stage."

> I was also wondering if their would be a way to mmap that memory
> into a raw pixel canvas on GTK, any suggestions?
About this can't assure you anything but you should check cairo API
for a method like the one you want.

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