Re: Missing gtk_widget_set_can_focus, have (_)_gtk_widget_set_can_focus

On 10/07/2011 23:30, rendaw wrote:
> working from an MSYS bash session.Right on!  The GIMP GTK 2.10 binaries were
> earlier on my PATH and I didn't notice them.  By the way, why don't you
> suggest modifying the PATH?

To prevent the exact same problem you've just encountered yourself. No
single program is important enough to have it's "bin" directory on
system or per user PATH (and thus force it's version of GTK+ and
dependencies on everything else). You've just discovered yourself that
doing so leads to trouble (and sometimes difficult to trace bug

Same logic applies to those who feel the need to place GTK+ platform
.dll files in the system32 directory. Please, resist the urge to do so!

Anyway, newer GIMP releases no longer change PATH. These days, I even
recommend their installer as a prime example of how things should be
done  :)

> Also, the binaries I used are from - download - win32.  There's a link
> to a 2.22 bundle a ways down:
> .  They may be the same binaries in the package you're talking about.

Correct, they are the exact same packages.

> Thank you very much for your help!

No problem,

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