Problem with "United States International" keyboard configuration in Windows XP

Hi all.

My first message in the list. Please excuse my english, as i speak Spanish; i'm fron Argentina.

I've come here beacuse of a problem i'm unable to find a solution yet.
I'm a programmer, and i use Geany, a cross platform IDE. And in a recent job i got i'm forced to work on Windows XP (i use Ubuntu at home).
Well, on my job's machine i have an english keyboard (usually we use Latin American keyboards here). So it's common that we set it to "United States International", in order to use the combinations of ' and the vowels so we can get the á, é, í, ñ, etc characters.

Problem is, when programming on Geany, and the keyboard is set to US International, the ' key writes a ´, and the " kew is set to ¨. This may look as trivial, but is horrible when programming.

I understand this is a problem with GTK on Windows, as i've seen that other programs seems to experiment the same behaviour (pidgin, if i remember it well, i saw that data on some google results).

Does anyone knows how to fix this? I've installed the last gtk+ for windows without luck.

Thanks in advance.

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