Embedding applications via XEmbed

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can point me to some documentation about this, or
perhaps supplement what's already in the main Gtk docs.  I am trying
to write an application which can swallow any window which understands

I've read about GtkSocket and GtkPlug, but the examples for the
official documentation don't make it clear to me how to go about this.

Can someone outline more fully how this would work?

I currently have nothing more than a toplevel GtkWindow rendered which
I would like to use to accept an application which understands XEmbed.
 As I understand it, my application would have to set this up, and
assign a window ID, which other clients can then use via XEmbed to
embed themselves into my application.

but I am unsure if this is a GtkSocket or GtkPlug which I need to define.

If someone could provide an example of how this is handled, i'd much
appreciate it.



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