Pango tabs and printing


I've been looking at
"Pango tab stops are incorrect if set in Pango units in Win32" and I believe
that I have a patch ready to fix it. But before I submit the patch I want to
verify that what I think is the correct behavior, which my patch will work
for, is in fact the expected behavior (since this is not really well

A PangoTabArray allows tabs to be set in pixels or in Pango units, and in
the latter case for printing to a printer the Pango units give the tab
position in points (scaled by PANGO_SCALE) a point being 1/72". So if I want
a tab to be set at, say, 1 inch, setting it to "72 * PANGO_SCALE" Pango
units should result in that, irrespective of the actual resolution of the
print device.

Is this correct?

Note that this is the behavior that I see in Linux, but not in Windows
(hence this bug report).


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