Re: pygtk error reporting

Quoting "Elie Obeid" <elieobeid7 gmail com>:
Hi, My name is Elie Obeid, I've recently had an issue with
activepython pypm and a member of the support team solved it
to me, now pypm works perfect i still see this

so i showed him the error and he said:

This is a different error, but belongs to your PyGTK install.
You are safe to ignore it (pypm will continue to function normally),
but it is best to report this to the PyGTK mailing list

so I'm reporting it, even if you can't fix it, i'm happy that
activepython works and I'm not bothered by this error at all, all
i'm doing is reporting!

So it seems you are using the PyGTK All-in-one installer together
with ActivePython, correct? If yes, I wonder what the original problem
with pypm was and how the member of the support team you speak of
solved the original problem? Did it involve renaming or removing
the "runtime" directory in Lib/site-packages/gtk-2.0/ or did you
rename or remove the Lib/site-packages/gtk-2.0/runtime/


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