=?big5?B?UkWhRyBndGsrIDMuMS4yL2dpdCAmIE1TVkMrKzogR0RLX0lTX1dJTjMyX1dJTkRP?= =?big5?B?VyBAIGd0a2NsaXBib2FyZC5jIGNhdXNlcyB0cm91Ymxlcw==?=

Hi Mikhail,

It seems that the missing symbol was not exported into the GDK DLL (for Win32)-this also occurred on my Project files included in the main 
tarball, so you aren't doing anything wrong at this point AFAICT.

I will add that symbol to the gdk.symbols file, and it should
fix the problem.  Thanks for letting me know about this situation.

The gtkclipboard.c is done this way so that backends (Win32, X11 etc...)
can be checked during runtime, which corresponds to GTK+ 3's goal
of supporting multiple backends, so it should not be changed in the manner
you proposed.

P.S. Did anyone tell you about what they think about using CMake yet?


God Bless,
-Fan, Chun-wei

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