Drag and Drop not working on GtkDemo on Windows

Hi fellow developers,

We are maintaining a big existing GTK+ 2.x project using GTK+2 and pyGTK.
We noticed a problem in our Python project on Windows systems where drag and drop in a listview does not seem to work. The "dragging" of list items work correctly, but the "dropping" is not working (in other words the dragged item is ignored once dropped). 

After some investigating this exact same problem does also occur on our systems on the "gtkdemo.exe" that is supplied with various versions of the GTK+ bundle. We were planning to use GTK+ 2.24 on Windows, but also tried on other versions like GTK+ 2.22 with the same result. 

The last version where drag and drop on GTKDemo seem to be working normally was GTK+ 2.18. Unfortunately I could not find compiled binaries of librsvg library (which we need)  that is compatible with GTK 2.18, so I had to revert to an even older version GTK+ 2.16. 

Is this a known bug in recent win32 builds equal to or after GTK+ 2.20 ?  

Would someone with GTK 2.2x be so kind to see if they have the same issue with GTKDemo on their Windows system?  
I believe in gtkdemo of 2.22 you'll find the demo in  "Icon View" --> "Editing and Drag-and-Drop". Drag a color, for example "red" to "yellow".
In GTK 2.18 and 2.16 this will swap the colors, in later versions the drop is ignored and the colors remain on their old position.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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