Re: shrink GTK+ disk usage for Windows

On 30 March 2010 18:04, Andrew Ziem <ahz001 gmail com> wrote:
> How can I shrink GTK+ binaries?
> I develop a simple, cross-platform PyGTK app (BleachBit) and include
> GTK+ 2.16 binaries in my Windows installer.  Compared to my app itself
> and the Python runtime, GTK+ is huge.

I just had a look at my project's win32 zip, and it looks like the
complete gtk 2.18 stack is just under 6MB, including cairo, pango,
treetype and friends and a theme engine (I'm shipping clearlooks at
the moment, for some reason).

It's probably possible to shrink that a bit more, perhaps by stripping
symbols from the files more aggressively. What's your current size?


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