shrink GTK+ disk usage for Windows

How can I shrink GTK+ binaries?

I develop a simple, cross-platform PyGTK app (BleachBit) and include
GTK+ 2.16 binaries in my Windows installer.  Compared to my app itself
and the Python runtime, GTK+ is huge.  GTK 2.18 fixes a Windows 7 menu
painting bug, but I am considering staying on 2.16 because it keeps my
installer 400KB smaller.

I have tried the following methods to shrink GTK+
1. Compress all binaries with UPX executable compressor with aggressive settings
2. Remove locales I don't support
3. "Compress" locales by removing 99% of the strings I don't use
4. Delete some small text files [*]


What else can I do?  Are there DLLs I can leave out?  I prefer not to
compile GTK+ myself, but if I did, what settings could I use to shrink
it?  Is there a script or updated guide to building GTK+ on Windows
(covering the prerequisites too)?

Best regards,

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