Re: icon path other than /usr/share/icons

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Philip Brown <phil bolthole com> wrote:
> I see in
> that, "If $XDG_DATA_DIRS is either not set or empty, a value equal to
> /usr/local/share/:/usr/share/ should be used."
> but I'd like to know what library/.... is implementing this in or
> under gtk,  so I can FIX it :-}

ah. I have found the answer to my own question, but I'll share it here.

The answer to "which libs is this?", is...

"a whole bunch" :-(

I was having difficulty finding this out, because some of the libs dont have
"/usr/share" in them. They have things like,

-        xdg_data_dir_paths = slist_path_add(xdg_data_dir_paths,
-                                            g_build_filename
-                                            (G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S,
-                                             "usr", "share", NULL)


  ..and much internal patching ensues :-(

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