Fwd: Re: All widget are too fat - theming not working properly

If you take the open dialog then you'll see three different types of buttons:
* open, cancel
* path bar
* add, remove (sidebar)
(* toolbar buttons)

Imho, it's clear that, though the path bar is composed of buttons, these buttons might look different that the dialog buttons (open, cancel). But the dialog buttons shouldn't look different than the sidebar buttons when no icons are displayed. If there are 32x32 icons, it's clear that those buttons with icons are higher than those without.

If there are buttons that belong together, like OK and cancel, and one of these buttons has an icons, that it's also clear (to me) that the other button has to have the same size or otherwise it would look ugly.

So I'd suggest the following:
* If there are icons visible on some buttons, calcualte the minimum height and use it for all buttons, even if they don't have icons. * If there are no icons visible use the height of the buttons without icons also for the buttons with icons.

The above is different that the curren behaviour.


On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 2:53 PM, Matthias Fuchs <mailllists gmail com> wrote:
Why differ widgets of the same kind in their height? I guess the height
depends on the contents of a widget. But imho this shouldn't be the case.

not everyone shares your opinion.

But independend of that all buttons of the same type should have the same

what does "the same type" mean? do you mean that if put a 32x32 image
in a button that it should be the same size as another button that
contains a 10x10 image? that is just absurd ... if not, then how do
you split up buttons by "type"?

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