Include Gir file with constant "[;31;1m"

I'm trying to add GOI to GDA UI extension, but I found some problems
in the generated gir file for GDA. Please Help Me!

Actually GDA (4.1) have support for GObject Introspection and it
requires a file called witch defines constants like (in the generated
Gir file):

    <constant name="D_COL_ERR" value="&#x1b;[;31;1m">
      <type name="utf8"/>
    <constant name="D_COL_H0" value="&#x1b;[;34;7m">
      <type name="utf8"/>
    <constant name="D_COL_H1" value="&#x1b;[;36;7m">
      <type name="utf8"/>
    <constant name="D_COL_H2" value="&#x1b;[;36;4m">
      <type name="utf8"/>
    <constant name="D_COL_NOR" value="&#x1b;[0m">
      <type name="utf8"/>
    <constant name="D_COL_OK" value="&#x1b;[;32m">
      <type name="utf8"/>

But the real constants are:

#ifdef GDA_DEBUG
#define D_COL_NOR "\033[0m"
#define D_COL_H0 "\033[;34;7m"
#define D_COL_H1 "\033[;36;7m"
#define D_COL_H2 "\033[;36;4m"
#define D_COL_OK "\033[;32m"
#define D_COL_ERR "\033[;31;1m"

When I try to include this gir file to generate Gdaui-4.0.gir file,
the parser crash with a message:

SyntaxError: reference to invalid character number: line 2532, column 38

I have updated and installed GIO from repository.

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