Re: on Win32, --enable-gdiplus makes pixbuf loading 6 times slower

> If we do want to build our own GTK for Windows, do you have
> any advice about how to do that?  I believe that you cross-compile on
> OpenSUSE, yes?

No, I build locally on Windows, but that is mostly just inertia.
Cross-compilation works fine, and is faster, and eventually I will
switch to that. (Using the openSUSE Build Service is the way to go
here. There are already cross-built Windows (32- and 64-bit) packages
for the GTK+ stack and lots more there.) (Similar setups exist in the
corresponding services for some other distros, but I don't know more
about them.)

> I suppose we could install the ming32-gtk2 source package on
> OpenSUSE and build that - is that the easiest approach?

Yeah, probably. Checkout that, modify the spec file slightly to add
the libtiff and libjpeg dependency and drop the --enable-gdiplus, and
then build the package locally. You probably can find in the package's
version history a revision where it didn't use the gdiplus loaders.


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