Re: [gnome-db] Include Gir file with constant "[;31;1m"

Are there any important reason for this? Because 4.2 will be released
shorty (I think).

2010/2/25 Piotr Pokora <piotrek pokora gmail com>:
> Daniel Espinosa pisze:
> Hi!
>> I'm trying to add GOI to GDA UI extension, but I found some problems
>> in the generated gir file for GDA. Please Help Me!
>> Actually GDA (4.1) have support for GObject Introspection and it
> Is it possible to have GIR support in 4.0?
> Piotras

Trabajar, la mejor arma para tu superación
"de grano en grano, se hace la arena" (R) (en trámite, pero para los
cuates: LIBRE)

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