Re: Tools to monitor a remote Gtk app?

skip pobox com wrote:
> I have a remote user (the company CEO, so no pressure or anything...) who is
> having trouble with a small PyGTK app I wrote recently.  He says from
> time-to-time all the SpinButtons in the app reset to default values.  I am
> trapping every signal I can think of and logging all activity in the user
> interface.  I see nothing in my log files which would explain what he's
> seeing.
> I can't think of how to debug this without being able to watch his screen or
> at least this app on his screen.  I don't want to wait until the next time
> he visits the home office (about once a quarter).  Is there some sort of
> x-tee or gtk-tee program which takes a second DISPLAY as an argument which
> would allow the app to display on both his screen and mine (I could monitor
> but wouldn't be able to manipulate the user interface)?  Maybe I'm just
> thinking about this problem the wrong way.  I'm open any suggestions about
> how to tackle this problem.

If he's using Gnome, you can do remote screen sharing quite easily using
ssh forwarding and vnc.  On Windows there are a number of solutions for
screen sharing, including

The ability to share a single app via some kind of XTee deal would be
slick, though.  Don't know that it exists, however.

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