Re: Remarks on gtk docs

Ed James wrote:
Joost, and others,

   I tried learning to use gtk, gdk, cairo, pango, etc several years ago and was
frustrated by the difficulty in getting good docs, sample code, etc.  Even worse
was finding that "constant change" meant me having to rewrite code fairly
often.  Note that I'm an "old guy" who has written code for a living since I was
a "young guy".  But this has been the most difficult venue in which I've tried
to work.  I feel and share your pain in producing something of quality and
lasting value.  I know it can be done, but I pretty much work alone, and
it's not easy.

   I switched to writing my own set of "widgets" in C++ which more or less
look and act somewhat like Java's AWT, but nowhere near as powerful yet.
I've got simple projects like a telnet client working, but I feel like
I'm mining
gold with a fork.

   My one big question to this list is (and no disrespect is meant), is there a elist
similar to this one dedicated to Xlib programming?  This list does have many
very talented people, some of whom I'm in awe of.  But I'm veering
into a different direction and just need pointer towards that direction.


xorg would be as close as any:
  xorg mailing list
  xorg lists freedesktop org

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