Remarks on gtk docs


this will be a long text. Parts of it have been circulated in my brain since
many months - i must do this. Please keep in mind, that i do not want
to offend anyone, my username "viciousdog" on sourceforge is nothing else
than a warning.

python/gtk/sqlite has been chosen as the ("virtualized") poor man's computer 
by OLPC. I learned that after i had chosen this platform myself. 

Continuing to read this, some of you might want to respond: "Then write 
documentation yourself !!" - but i cannot. Living in a country, where a labour 
politician has reintroduced forced labor recently i really have no time for that.

I'd really like to write 10-20 pages about rc syntax, but what will come
below must be enough for the moment. 

I will continue to write for this platform and make improvals of it for my
own use. Working on my pygtk alternative depikt i learned that the promise
of easy interfacing with other languages (than C) is not empty. Then there
is gdk.Pixbuf and the integration of the well-designed pango and cairo. The
latter must have been a bit painful for the authors of the 
gimp-tk - many thanks for that ! And thanks for the introduction to
widget construction.

But that is all, what is really good in gtk.

Beginning my work on that software, which helped me to survive as an
intermediary internet dealer and beginning to use gtk i searched border-width.

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