EventBox and mouse event


I am working on implement dvd support in banshee and I have an issue to get mouse pressed event.

To sum up, we have an eventbox which wrap a custom widget which contain the video.
The issue is that I never get mouse event on event box whereas I have set the event mask with ButtonPressMask and I have connect the signal. To be sure that a down system catch the event I set the attribut GLib.ConnectBefore.
The custom widget flags is set NoWindow. If I comment this line the event is fired but I loose other features.
So how get mouse event (motion, button pressed) on the widget with nowindow flag?

the code is available here: https://github.com/dufoli/banshee/tree/master/src/Extensions/Banshee.NowPlaying
custom widget is XOverlayVideoDisplay.cs.

kind regards,

Olivier Dufour

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