Re: Performance of many widgets

On 21 December 2010 22:41, Brian Phelps <lm317t gmail com> wrote:
> Performance really decreases in my experience with large resolutions and
> older hardware.  Try it with an older 1GHz shared graphics card machine at
> 1024x768 with just 40 buttons spread out and it takes 3/4 a second to a
> second.  No need to try it with thousands.  Try it with 40 on a large
> screen.

It's fast for me with 40 buttons on a large screen and old(er)
hardware (a seven-year-old laptop).

I would first try with the default gtk+ theme, it's very fast, though
rather ugly. If that produces a good performance improvement, you
could hunt for a simple theme that's less unpleasant to look at. Next,
investigate your graphics driver and see if there is anything broken.
You could look at disabling gtk's double-buffering I suppose, though
that's rather desperate.


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