Re: Trying to cross compile glib-2.18.2 for ARM

Hi Chuck,

as few others have stepped in:

If you are in luck there maybe a --disable-tests option for ./configure. (I am sorry I should have checked in your version glib sources but my time is being for by a client just now).
If not look in the created make file (from ./configure) and hack it where it is trying to do the tests. I have used this shoddy technique before when cross-building
with files that don't recognise the implication of different --build, --host and --target architectures!

The real solution is to edit the and add the 'missing' --disable-tests option or create this impicitly from non-compatible ---build -target --host combination.

If you find that the is missing this oiption and you choose to fix this properly, please put your name in lights and submit the patch for inclusion, we cross -developers need all the help we can get! :-)

I hope that at least gives you a solution for now.


On 20 April 2010 01:54, Chuck Kuecker <ckuecker ckent org> wrote:
Sergei Steshenko wrote:
--- On Sun, 4/18/10, Chuck Kuecker <ckuecker ckent org> wrote:

From: Chuck Kuecker <ckuecker ckent org>
Subject: Trying to cross compile glib-2.18.2 for ARM
To: gtk-list gnome org
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 3:27 PM

I am working with a Freescale i.MX27 ARM processor running
Linux 2.6.22. I want to upgrade the Freescale-supplied
version of gstreamer to a later version to get functionality
they left out.

The gstreamer build asks for a newer version of glib than
the existing build, so I modified the build files to use
glib-2.18.2. The build script runs OK until it gets to this

checking for posix getpwuid_r... (cached) yes
checking for posix getgrgid_r... configure: error: in
configure: error: cannot run test program while cross
See `config.log' for more details.
error: Bad exit status from
/opt/Freescale1/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.29960 (%

The config.log file pretty much repeats the above messages,
and adds all the cache variables. If anyone wants to see
that file, I can post it - 250 Kb.

Is there a compiler flag or build option to fix this? I
don't see anything obvios in the build documentation.

Chuck Kuecker


Well, the message is self-explanatory.

You might consider running (Debian) ARM image in QEMU and compiling
natively inside the virtual machine.

I took a look at QEMU - it appears to lead to me needing to learn yet another system. but not getting me anywhere with my project.

What, exactly, are the 'test programs' that the glib make tries to run? There must have been a way to disable this in the older version of glib (glib-2.12.11) packaged with the Freescale ltib build, since that build does not have this issue. Was this an added feature of newer glib releases?

If I can simply (or not so simply!) turn off the test feature, and get the library to compile, I can advance with my project. Right now, I'm stumped.

Chuck Kuecker

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