Re: Status of GTK+ on Mac OS X?

On 01.09.2009, at 06:53, John Pye wrote:

I believe there is some way to build a native OSX 'variant' of GTK using MacPorts.

First paragraph worked for me, except for occasional unpredictable "bus errors". Also threading always crashes.

Should a developer include their own linked libraries for GTK when packaging,

Seems viable when working in Python, like you. For C, see below.

or should they rely on a package dependency system like Fink instead?

When told to bother with MacPorts to install your application, the average Mac user wil laugh heartily and go elsewhere...

The problem with expecting "user pull" is that Mac users perhaps aren't aware of GTK+,

I don't see why users would ever "pull" for a toolkit. Nor why they should. It's what you build with it that matters.

or else might mistrust anything that's not totally made in the "Mac Way".

That's not mistrust, but caution from experience: most cross-platform GUIs suck ;)

As for GTK looking out of place, maybe themes can help. I didn't try yet.

I think that developers should be demanding a stable and complete native implementation of GTK+ for Mac,

(demanding free software?)

Even without that framework Glade has official stand-alone binaries for the Mac, which work fine.

Your problem might be more with PyGTK.

FWIW I note that Qt, Wx, Fox and FLTK all include support for Mac, and are possibly better initial choices for cross-platform development at this stage.

Personally, I disagree.

Apple ships with wxWidgets, and they work great, but the API is stuck in the 90s. For instance, even if you take 3rd party additions into account, there is nothing that comes close to GtkTreeView.

FLTK is named 'light'. Compared to the others you might miss a lot. PyFLTK doesn't really support Mac yet.

I'd never heard of FOX, but apparently it is limited to X11 on the Mac. Makes expanding your userbase much harder.

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