Re: Gtk over DirectFB - Moving mouse pointer through API

Hi lkcl,

I am trying to use uinput to make my mouse pointer move and register
keystrokes. However, when I compile the program you have linked to (this
seems to be the most popular program example on the web), everytime I run
it, when it asks me for an input, I enter 'A' for example and my system
crashes and restarts. 
I also tried using another example which moved the mouse pointer every
couple of seconds. Now I found it strange that the mouse pointer doesn't
physically move, but there is some virtual unseen pointer which keeps moving
(I know this because I get mouse rollover effects every couple of seconds). 

The 2nd question isn't as important as the first, as I cannot figure out why
the program is crashing. Why did the author use a getchar() to ask for
input? I am very confused as to how this program works. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks a lot.

lkcl wrote:
> Harinandan S wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am using Gtk 2.12.2 over DirectFB 1.1.1. I get prints
>> saying gdk_display_warp_pointer is not implemented. Is there any other
>> way
>> to move mouse pointer?
>> Regards,
>> Harinandan S
> harinandan, hi,
> you can always use the linux userspace uinput kernel module to simulate
> key and mouse events, programmatically.  see the following:
> this is a working example - you _will_ need to initialise both keyboard
> _and_ mouse ioctls otherwise uinput refuses to work, inexplicably.  the
> example shows moving the mouse cursor to the right by a small margin;
> pressing the "a" key; releasing the "a" key and then reading the program's
> stdin using getchar() to receive the "a" key.
> l.
> p.s. if you don't do the "release" then you get a stream of "a"s because,
> well, duh, the key is being held down.

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