Another python-gate - depikt


as announced before i've published depikt on
sourceforge. Depikt is a bundle of python wrappers
for gtk in one file, used by me as a replacement
for pygtk.

Depikt will only support Python 3 upwards - it
makes massive use of an innovation in Python's
C-API (PyCapsule). This would come to no trivial
other changes for backward compatibility, which
is too tedious for me.

Depikt's widgets are subclassable now (there are
still problems in the __init__s of such subclasses
apparently) and accept dynamic attributes. This
was an important step forward done Nov.16.

Depikt supports around fifteen widget types now,
together with depikt.rc_parse, widget.set_flags,
gtk.idle_add et al. widget.connect() and
widget.connect_after() support additional arguments -
thus depikt already has a working base for creating
small applications. For windows a depikt.pyd is provided.

Depikt does not support the standard dialogs, i've
replaced them with my own a long time ago.
Unfortunately the are derived from gtk.Window() -
exactly here the above-mentioned problems are appearing.
I am still new to the gtk-API (having used pygtk only
for years) - with a bit luck the problems stem from
there and not from depikt.

I'd like to state here: The standard message box
is wrong in my eyes - in fact by two reasons:

1. The ok-Button on it has to be selected by the user.
This is a small extra effort, very small indeed, but
nevertheless there. The whole message box must be sensible
to clicks. Having that, you also will get a better
common disappearing behavior for all dialogs, if you
derive them from a common base class, where the message
box is a kind of header. In the "Yes"-"No"-dialog this
spares the "Cancel"-Button.

2. "Ok" is rude. In many, many cases a message box informs
the user about a missing feature of the program. To call for
an "Ok" then, where your "Sorry" were appropriate, can easily
be rude, very rude. You might request that from American GI's,
if you want to, but not from your user.

Perhaps i will provide my own set of dialogs with depikt
in future.

Of course any feedback and amendments of depikt will always
be welcome.

Thanks for reading, Joost Behrends

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