Another python-gate - depikt


as announced some days before i published
depikt on sourceforge. Depikt is a bundle of
python wrappers for gtk in one file, used by
me as a replacement for pygtk.

I announced depikt together with a cry for help.
This isn't necessary anymore. I've realized
a version without abstract classes in the
hierarchy, which works again for GUI-building.
Inheritance from depikt classes has even got
worse now (what will ease debugging) -
nevertheless this is the final architecture.

And help couldn't be provided at all this week
(til Nov.15) - i have deleted the code at
sourceforge for some days, til the new version
is a bit better.

Depikt will then only support Python 3.1.1
upwards - the new concept makes massive use
of an innovation in Python's C-API (PyCapsule).

Of course any feedback and amendments of
depikt will always be welcome.

Thanks for reading, Joost Behrends

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