Re: Scroll to widget?

From: Lindley M French <lfrench1 gmu edu>

> I've got a GtkScrolledWindow which contains an hbox that in turn contains a number of other widgets, and each of those widgets has an ability to become "active" in some sense.
> What I'd like to do is arrange things so that when a particular widget becomes active, the ScrolledWindow is adjusted to ensure that the active widget is entirely visible (assuming it's small enough of course).
> This means that I need to get the position of the widget in ScrolledWindow->bin_window coordinates, as I understand it. But I can't figure out which combination of functions I need to do this.
> Any help?

GtkWidgets has already support for center on focused objects (I hope
that your "active" means that).

The implementation of this feature are related with this functions and

Anyway, as you are using a common GtkScrolledWindow, probably you only
require to use the function:

LibgnomeUI has a example. It has a GtkScrolledWindow, and inside a
hbox with several buttons. Each time you click on the button, the
scrolled window centers on it.

The example is libgnomeui-2.24.1/test-gnome/testgnome.c
(I got the code using "apt-get source libgnomeui", so probably you can too)

I hope this helps.


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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