Font question

Hi, ALL,
Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I need to understand this...

I'm trying to create a font property page to be used in my app
in the property page dialog.

So I created a layout with the 3 list boxes for "Font Name", "Font Style"
and "Font Size". I can fill out the "Font Name" list box. Now, when I select
the string as a font name, I should retrieve all available sizes for this
particular font nameand re-fill the "Font Size" list box.

I can get the font description using:

PangoFontDescription *desc = pango_font_description_from_string( name );

but after that I'm completely lost.

I was thinking about using pango_font_face_list_sizes(), since this function
differentiate between "TrueType" and not "TrueType" font, so that I can use
a list of constant numbers, but I don't know how to pass PangoFontDescription
to this function.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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