Re: tree_view row color changes when selected.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 05:44:32PM -1000, alee wrote:
> I have a GtkTreeView using GtkCellRendererText which I have set the  
> attributes of the "foreground" and "foreground-set"  to display gray  
> text on certain rows which hints to the user that something is missing.   
> This works until I click and select a row and the row gets highlighted  
> and my text color which used to be gray changes to another color. 
> Why does it change color?

The color of selected text is theme-defined (e.g. it is often white
even for light themes because the selection is dark).

>  How do I force it to remain gray even if a  
> user selects a row?

Unfortunately, I don't know how to override this.  I guess there's
already a bugzilla record about it...


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