Re: hardcoded dependencies problem with building/installing GTK+

> However, when I was about to build ATK using the "configure" line as below:

>> 'CFLAGS=-I/tmp/runtime/prefix/include/glib-2.0
>> -I/tmp/runtime/prefix/lib/glib-2.0/include'

When I said that software installed with DESTDIR can not be run
correctly from there, I should have added that it presumably can't be
used from there as a dependency when compiling something else either.
After installing glib using DESTDIR=/tmp into /tmp/runtime/prefix you
need to make sure its headers, libraries etc then are copied into (or
in some other way appear at) their real destination, /runtime/prefix ,
before you can compile something (like ATK) that requires them. Then
you won't need to pass any CFLAGS pointing to those include
directories as above, the ATK build will figure it out automatically
using glib's pkg-config data.


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