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I saw a similar problem.  It was not quite the same thing but if I
launched my dialog from the idle handler it would deadlock the main loop
after it exited.  When I launched the same dialog from a menu item it
worked perfectly.

I could stop this behavior by removing the thread initialization calls.
(The threads themselves were commented out too).

I never solved it I just rewrote my app to remove threading and pulled
the g_thread_init(), gdk_threads_init() out.

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   1. Re: Deadlock problem when calling messagebox function with
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 00:02:39 +0100
From: Andreas Sommer <AndiDog web de>
Subject: Re: Deadlock problem when calling messagebox function with
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Robert Pearce wrote:
> That function is fine if you want to execute the dialog as a "modal"
dialog, i.e. the other windows block until it's been acknowledged. If
you want the dialog non-modal (i.e. works in parallel with other
windows) you should use a different approach.
I want the message box to be modal, that's fine.
> You appear to be showing the dialog whenever the GTK loop is idle.
This seems a very unlikely requirement for a modal dialog.

Sorry that you misunderstood my code... in Python, /None/ is returned by

default which means the idle function only runs once (like returning 
FALSE in a GTK written in C). So it's /not/ a problem with re-running 
the dialog all the time.

>> The dialog does not disappear, the buttons stays pressed and the
>> application is stuck. Same with timeout_add, of course.
To be more accurate: As soon as I press the OK button, the button stays 
pressed. I'm 99% sure that its signal handler deadlocks because GTK 
signal handlers call gtk.gdk.threads_enter theirselves (according to the

FAQ). I think that this OK button signal handler and something in the 
top-level window's main loop both try to call gtk.gdk.threads_enter 
which then leads to the deadlock. Doing my workaround (= threads_enter 
surrounding the dialog run) will let any other threads_enter calls from 
the top-level window's main loop block.

Does that make any sense?!
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