Unable to set bg color of gtk toolbutton

Hi all,
I want to set the background colors of the buttons on my panel. Different colors for different states (normal, active and prelight). As the background colors of the labels,buttons,etc. cannot be set directly plcaed on a GtkWidget, I placed a GtkEventBox to start with. On this Event Box I placed a toolbar with 6 items. On five of them I placed the 5 different event boxes over which I placed the toolbuttons.On the 6th item of the toolbar, I placed a fixed and placed 2 event boxes over it, over which I placed 2 buttons. The widget tree looks like shown below:
Now I set the colors for the normal, active and prelight states for all the 5 toolbuttons as well as 2 buttons by gtk_widget_modify_bg command.
But eventually I am able to set the correct colors for only the buttons on toolitem6, while the 5 toolbuttons did not reflect the changes in color as specified.
What can be the reason for that. Am I missing something in the widget tree? Or is there any other method to set the bg colors for the toolbuttons ?
Any related help will be useful. Thanks in advance.

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