Re: csv (comma separated value) file

2009/8/11 Damon Register <damon w register lmco com>
Joshua Lock wrote:
GSF (GNOME Structured File Library)[1], which Gnumeric uses, does CSV:
Since I am interested in parsing csv data, I got interested in this
thread.  I am not motivated enough to develop a library for a simple
project so the two suggestions (gsf and gda) from this thread interest
me more. I looked at these two links and got the impression that this could
generate a csv output but I didn't see anything obvious about reading
csv data.  Is that the case or am I missing something.

At first look, gda seems like it would be the most useful for csv
in and out.  Is that a correct conclusion?   I am going to try to learn
gda but so far I don't find any simple but complete examples that might
help me learn to use gda.  Does anyone have a simple but complete example
showing how to read a csv file?

Libgda enables import and export data from and to CVS files; for an example, there is, part of the sources.

However if you only want to import CSV data Libgda may be overkill and there is the direct LibCSV  which Libgda internally uses, at



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