Re: Problems trying to build gtk in Windows

> grep: invalid option -- o

> It would appear that -o (--only-matching) is a new option in grep 2.5, but
> is not supported by grep 2.4.2 which is what comes with msys. So, is there a
> grep 2.5 available for msys? If not what do you use when you build gtk for
> Windows?

Good catch! I wouldn't have remembered this issue at all. I have my
gnuwin32 bin folder before the MSYS /bin in PATH, and in there is the
gnuwin32 grep which is version 2.5.1. So I suggest you do the same. Go
to and get their grep package. Note that not
all of the stuff gnuwin32 provides is useful or "correctly ported",
but their grep package should be OK.

(Personally I keep gnuwin32 stuff under /opt/gnuwin32, but it can of
course be anything. Obviously, avoid spaces though, and it's best IMHO
to keep it in a folder of its own and not mix it into the MSYS or
MinGW tree.)


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