RE: GtkComboBox problem

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> From: Diego Jacobi
> Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 6:21 PM
> > Allways thought as a normal behaviour.
> >
> If it is annoying it is a bug. :P

The fact that the blank space vanishes and it displays as one would expect
after scrolling down and back up would indicate that it's not doing it
deliberately, i.e. a bug.

> From: me
> I've just noticed another problem after upgrading to GTK 2.14.4.
> It doesn't happen with GTK 2.12.12.

That was not accurate. In fact it does happen with GTK 2.12.12 / Glib 2.16.6
in my Fedora 9 Linux system, but not with GTK 2.12.3 / Glib 2.14.4 which is
the previous installation that I have on Windows.


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