GtkComboBox problem

Hi again,

I've just noticed another problem after upgrading to GTK 2.14.4. This one is
with GtkComboBox and happens on both Windows and Linux. It doesn't happen
with GTK 2.12.12.

I have a combo box to which I add about 150 entries, and I see that the look
of the combo box has changed between these releases. With GTK 2.12.12 when
the list opened it would extend from its location in the app up to the top
of the screen, and would have a traditional scroll bar on its right side.
With GTK 2.12.14 it extends all the way from to top bottom of the screen and
has separate scroll-up and scroll-down arrows at top and bottom.

The problem is that when it first opens, entries are only populated in the
bottom half of the visible list area, from the position of the control in
the app down. The top half from there to the top of the screen is empty - a
big blank area. If I scroll down the entries scroll up into that area, and
once I've scroll far enough for them to reach the top, then it is OK and the
blank area is gone (if I scroll back up it does not reappear).

I've uploaded a screenshot of it doing this here:

Anyone know if this is this a known problem?


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