Fwd: GtkComboBox problem

I had the same problem on ubuntu, but i dont have it now on debian lenny.

2008/11/6 Carlos Pereira <carlao2005 gmail com>:
> I use ubuntu 7.10 (dont know gnome version, sorry), and allways see this
> behavior, when I use "brasero".
> http://www.carlao2006.xpg.com.br/imagens/brasero.png

Also your image shows a bug on my brasero version. Brasero 0.8.0 shows
incorrect speed numbers:  1x, 3x, 7x, 11x, 13x, 15x, .... The correct
ones, minus one. :(

> Allways thought as a normal behaviour.

If it is annoying it is a bug. :P


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