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>> Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 3:47 PM
>> One question - why you don't install older versions from repository
>> using standard tools? In 99% compiling from sources is a way of having
>> mess on FS and nothing in exchange.
> Because I was about to file a bug report (just filed it - see my other email
> with subject " RE: Missing blank lines in a GtkLabel") and I wanted to check
> if the problem happens in Linux  with the same versions that I was seeing it
> with in Windows. As it turned out it's a bug in Pango 1.22 and the
> repositories still have Pango 1.20.

Well - from my experience the less mess is done by installing to the
~/.applications or similar:
1) It is easily removable
2) No root privilages required
3) You can use them iff and when you want (only put into
PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc. when you need)

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