Gio (?) filemonitor/inotify problem (really annoying)

I am using Gnome 2.24.1 with GTK+ 2.14.4 / GLib 2.18.2. Ever since ive updated to gnome 2.24, Nautilus fails to monitor directory changes (file creation and deletion) but only after some time (after 20 minutes or so). I only noticed this on the desktop folder initially which is why I posted a bug to nautilus (, however I realised after that this is actually happening to ALL folders, its just that i dont often keep a nautilus folder view open long enough for it to happen.

After some digging through the nautilus source, I could not find any reason as to why it would happen since the changes to the file monitor code is minor compared to 2.22. So before I pursue any further I would like to find more information as to why this is happening as it is most likely a gio issue rather than a nautilus issue.

My current setup is a aufs overlayed live filesystem on a slackware core, with self built gnome (ive been building gnome since 2.18 with no issues so far). I have considered the possibility of it being a kernel/aufs problem, but I have tried my older setup of a kernel and an older version of aufs (both of which I used back in gnome 2.22) to no avail as well as mailing the aufs developer who could not see any problems with aufs that could cause this. It appears that this is definetely not a kernel issue. I am using self built vanilla kernel (SMP 4KSTACKS), dbus 1.2.3, hal 0.5.11, gamin 1.9, GTK+ 2.14.4, GLib 2.18.2.

The reason this issue is really annoying is that theres nothing I can do to track down the problem; no crashes, no logs, no warnings, nothing... it just silently screws up and it ALWAYS happens, the only thing that varies is the amount of time it takes before the problem appears (sometimes it will work for an hour before breaking).

Therefore, as a last resort, ive come here to ask if anyone has any other ideas at all that I can try to get to the bottom of this very wierd and annoying issue.

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