(Gtkmm) How to use Gdk::Window in Gtk::DrawingArea

Hi all,

I am porting a program from Qt to Gtkmm and needs to draw some "items"(basically a "item" contains an icon, a label and some other small details) on a drawing area. In the Qt source, it is implemented like this: each "item" inherited from CanvasRectangle and then will be put on a Canvas. However I got trouble implementing in gtkmm.

I decided to use a Gtk::DrawingArea widget as the canvas and Gdk::Window as the items and then use draw_pixmap() to put them on the canvas. I made up a "item" class which inherits from Gdk::Window and contains method to draw icon/text/etc on itself. The problem arises when Gdk::Window's constructor is called. I cannot find Gdk::Window's constructor details in the gtkmm online reference, thus I cannot implement the "item"'s constructor.

Could anyone help me with Gdk::Window 's constructor details or suggest a different approach ? Thank you in advance.


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