GtkTreeView title bar and scrolling

Hi there, my name is Alan.

I have confronted with one problem, but it's really hard to explain ;-( So, first of all, I recorded a video of my issue ;-) It's on youtube:

As you can see: I have two application (mine (first one on movie) and not mine). Both contain GtkTreeView with title (caption?) bar. The problem is near the title bar .

I placed a GtkTreeView in a GtkScrolledWindow, because of scroliing ;-) I asked about it some months ago in this mailing list (and of course I got a tip of placing GtkTreeView in a GtkScrolledWindow).

So, when I want to scroll my GtkTreeView in MY app, the title (caption?) bar are scrolled with GtkTreeView. So, as you can see it in movie ;-) But, in other (not mine) applications title (caption?) bar are not scrolled with GtkTreeView! As you can see it in second program in my movie.

That is the question: how to tell GtkTreeView to place title (caption?) bar always on top and not scroll it while scrolling.

I suppose, that many of you (users of mailing list) still not understand me ;-) ah :-)


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