Re: Lost Pointer when adding GTK+ to an application

Am Donnerstag, den 08.05.2008, 09:04 +0100 schrieb Rob Pearce:
> On Thursday 08 May 2008, Diego Rivera wrote:
> > I believe i have made no memory errors in my console application, since it
> > runs ok every time. However, i haven't seen the correct output from my GTK
> > application.
> That's not a safe assumption. I've seen console apps with huge memory errors 
> keep going for months or years before the problem ever shows up. Normally 
> it's a matter of accessing beyond the allocated block, which can be 
> reasonably harmless until you add some other code that uses the heap.

ACK. Diego, you should try to run your console application with
Valgrind. This amazing tool is really helpful to detect such nasty

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