Lost Pointer when adding GTK+ to an application

Hi! I am not exactly new to GTK+, however I have come across a problem i have no explanation for, and I'll be glad if someone could point me towards a possible solution.

I am currently developing an application that uses various algorithms for sequence alignment in biological applications (DNA, RNA, Proteins and so on). This application is mainly for scientific purposes.

The core algorithms are already running fine as a console application in a very stable version. I am working in adding some graphical interface to the program using GTK+. So, I built a little Window that asks for the different parameters and makes a call to the already defined functions in the console application, which are indeed stable. However, when making the call to the algorithm with GTK+ running, some of the pointers in my data structures get lost, and I just get a Segmentation Fault.

While trying to debug this weird behavior, I have narrowed the problem to the fact of having a window running.

Right now, I just have a main that creates a GtkWindow with a GtkButton, and the callback of the button calls the stable routine of the console application using some "hard-wired" parameters. I have made tests and the console application gives the correct answer for those parameters. However, when calling the routine from the callback, Segmentation Fault is the only result I have been able to get.

I have tried with different versions of GTK+ and the outcome is persistent.

The data structure of the console application looks something like this:

typedef struct{
    int length;
    char* seq;

typedef struct{
    int n;
    int m;
    int** table;

typedef struct{
    sequence_t* vp;
    sequence_t* wp;
    table_t* table;
    int scoring;
    int result;

Using gdb i have found that the Segmentation Fault occurs at some point when accesing the table from the alignment.

I believe i have made no memory errors in my console application, since it runs ok every time. However, i haven't seen the correct output from my GTK application.

Is there any hint that you could give me in order to correct the error?

- Diego Rivera -

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