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Still, there are deficiencies in the the GtkFileChooser under Windows that make it difficult to use. E.g. the lack of network drive browsing. For that reason among others Inkscape is moving to using native windows file browser under Windows (see: . I might do the same with some programs of my own. The question is whether this should be up to the application developers or more tighly supported in Gtk?


2008/7/16 Ian Puleston <ian underpressuredivers com>:
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> Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 9:53 AM
> I love GTK, it is easy a pritty, but is ony pritty under Linux, and easy
to program under linux.
> Users of others platforms like windows found applications in made gtk
ugly. And as McCurdy says,
> the Save/Open Dialog is the main problem, it doesnt interates well with
the desktop environment
> unless it is gnome.
> I hope to see some changes about that on GTK3 in the future.
> Cheers.
> Jacobi Diego.

Actually, in Vista MS have much improved the file open dialog, and they seem
to have pretty much copied GTK's file chooser. It now has clickable
directories in the address bar, as per GTK, a "favorite Links" pane on the
left, as per GTK's "Places" and a document type selection right above the
Open/Cancel buttons bottom, as per GTK's. So the look/feel may be a bit
different, but the basic layout is almost exactly the same which should make
using GTK's file chooser pretty natural for Vista users.


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