Re: Problems building pango-1.18.0 on Mac

Hi Egon,

comments in-line.

Best regards

On Jan 26, 2008, at 2:33 PM, Egon Andersen wrote:

Michael Tuexen wrote:
Did you also do
env PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --disable- png --enable-quartz;
It is important to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH...
(BTW, I'm using the tcsh, if you use anther shell you might
need a different way to set the environment variable...)

I've set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH in .bashrc (I use bash) before starting the x-terminal I use. The path is displayed when I type: env
And it was done before cairo configure and make.
I believe I've followed the description you gave, but apparently the machines are behaving differently :-(
Hmm. I'm not using an x-term, but the Terminal App... What does you $PATH look like?
Which OS version are your running? My is 10.5.1...

When I use the x-options for configure for pango, I get through the configure phase, but the make is failing with the linker error described earlier.

I've tried to follow your description even though I don't think it is using X11, but quartz. For the moment I'm just interested in having the pango installed and I'll then look at the X11 details later, if I need it, just as I don't care for the png part right now. Still it seems that I can't get passed the configure or make of pango :-(
Cut-and-paste on my side. I'm also using the X11 stuff. Just do not user the --enable-quartz...
Sorry for the mistake.

(I have to stop for today, but will continue tomorrow, so any ideas to overcome the pango build problems are welcome.)

Best regards
Egon Andersen

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