Re: What does your personal GTK+ development system consist of?

Wade Renzi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm curious as to what peoples personal GTK+
> development systems consist of. What are the most
> convenient ways of developing GTK+ without affecting
> the GTK+ applications you use every day.
> I ask because I recently screwed up my Ubuntu
> installation after installing GLib, Pango, ATK and
> GTK+ from source, and would like to be able to hack on
> the GTK+ widgets without breaking everything.

On Fedora 8, I just make sure I have all the -devel packages installed
and away I go.  The only time you will have problems is when you try to
build your own versions of GTK that clobber the distro ones.  If you
build to an alternative prefix, like /opt, then you should be okay.  I
recommend just staying with a recent distro and whatever they ship.
Generally speaking the latest versions of Fedora and Ubuntu are pretty
current with GTK releases.  Just use the system ones to build against.
On Ubuntu, make sure you have the necessary -dev packages installed.

> Thanks,
> Wade
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