Questions about the "file-system-backend" parameter in GtkFileChooser

Recently, I start to learn GTK+. I have seen a code block :

dialog = g_object_new (GTK_TYPE_FILE_CHOOSER_DIALOG,
                         "action", action,
                         "file-system-backend", "gtk+",
                         "select-multiple", multiple,

there is a parameter called "file-system-backend" in the code. I have
searched for the parameter in google and the documents listed in,
but can not find any further info about it. What I have got are this is a
slot of GtkFileChooser and we can specify a file system for

1. Besides "gtk+", any other values for the parameter "file-system-backend"?
If so, where I can get them?
2. Can I customize a filesystem for the GtkFileChooser? 
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