Got a bit of a problem and I wondered if there was anyone out there who could give me some pointers.

My application runs on an embedded device with a computer on module in it. On it I run Linux (kernel 2.6.20), xserver ( Xorg version 7.1.1) and gtk (gtk/gdk version 2.10.9). The device is a controller for fertilizer spreader trucks. My application is split into two processes; one does all the actual work and the other is a pure GUI. The working process sends commands through a pipe to the gui process to display information. The various devices (conveyors and spinners) are physically controlled by separate electronics at the back of the truck. It communicates with the controller (the working process) using a bluetooth link.

I designed the GUI to be one big window. In it I have used tab widgets extensively to create the illusion of numerous screens. One of these screens is visible when the truck driver is in actual spreading operations. The back electronics continually feed device status information which the working process sends to the GUI.

My problem is that after a certain period my program aborts. The gdk_x_error function is called (I assume from the X server).

The error_code is 1 (BadRequest) Major code = 0 and Minor code = 0. I understand why the X server is complaining; requests are numbered starting at 1 so 0 is invalid. The serial data member is not constant but is generally in the 17100000 and 17200000 range.

Running multiple tests I noticed that the error gets generated at a certain run time plus or minus one minute.

Tracing down in my code I found the problem lines:

           for( frame = 0; frame < 6; frame++ ) {
if( (device_idx = frame_device[frame]) != INVALID_DEVICE_IDX ) {

                   device_data = &spread_data->devices[device_idx];

                   if( !device_data->disabled ) {
gtk_label_set_ushort( widgets->lblSpreadTarget[frame], device_data->target_rate ); // crashed after 7 hours gtk_label_set_ushort( widgets->lblSpreadActual[frame], device_data->actual_rate ); // crashed after 7 hours gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction( widgets->proSpreadCurrent[frame], ( ( double ) device_data->current / 100.0 ) ); // crashed after 3 hours and 47 minutes

gtk_label_set_ulong( widgets->lblSpreadSpeed, ( unsigned long ) spread_data->speed ); // crashed after 7 hours

           /* display range is from 0 to 4000 */
gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction( widgets->proSpreadPressure, clamp( ( spread_data->pressure / 4000.0 ), 0, 1 ) ); // crashed after 3 hours and 47 minutes
           sprintf( strTemp, "%d psi", ( int ) spread_data->pressure );
gtk_progress_bar_set_text( widgets->proSpreadPressure, strTemp ); // does not crash for 5 hours /* display range is from 20 C to 120 C thus the fraction is (temp - 20)/100 clamped at 0 and 1 */ gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction( widgets->proSpreadTemperature, clamp( ( spread_data->temperature - 20.0 ) / 100.0, 0, 1 ) ); // crashed after 3 hours and 47 minutes
           sprintf( strTemp, "%d °C", ( int ) spread_data->temperature );
gtk_progress_bar_set_text( widgets->proSpreadTemperature, strTemp ); // does not crash for 5 hours gtk_incline_set_roll_and_pitch( widgets->drawIncline, spread_data->roll, spread_data->pitch );

(spread_data is a shared data structure between the working program and the GUI, all variables are doubles).

This code gets called roughly once per second. When this code is commented out the GUI does not crash (at least not for 48 hours). I have commented various lines out and ran tests with the remaining lines and noted the results after the corresponding line.

The gdk library suggest to run the program synchronous so I added the --sync option to my startup. I build a gdk library version adding a warning message to the gdk_display_open function to verify that I ran synchronous. I than put the program under debug, breaking in the gdk_x_error function. Unfortunately when the code broke, I had no stack trace.

I'm getting slightly desperate and would appreciate any suggestions.

Best Regards


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